Boost your career with the right outfit

Boost your career with the right outfit – let us show you how. „You are what you wear“ – this is true at work too, and is particularly important for job interviews. Let us show you how big an impact your outfit choice can have on your career.

Send the right signals

Education, enthusiasm, and talent may all be important factors, but they can be difficult attributes to judge upon first meeting. Clothes however, have a great impact on a first impression, as what you wear often conveys how you perceive yourself and shows fundamental characteristics, as well as ambition. Those who dress smartly at job interviews, are generally seen as being precise and responsible. Through your outfit, you communicate a message without saying a thing. Celebrities prove it works: It was no coincidence that Obama was seen wearing ties with steeply rising lines on them during his first campaign trail. This way while talking about the economic upturn, the audience was already picturing the rising share price.

Double-check checks

The perception of our outfit by others is influenced by many factors – from colour and patterns, right down to the cuts. Checked shirts come with their stereotype, just like rolled-up sleeves give the impression of being very hands-on at work. Colour also matters: red elements can symbolise dominance and strength. Researchers have proven that your sub-conscious recognizes someone wearing red as having a higher status, while blue sends signals of being orderly and reliable, and can make someone appear more serious.

Follow the rules

In many sectors and businesses, there are a lot of unspoken rules concerning your office outfit and these rules have absolute priority over personal taste. If you apply for a position as a banker or lawyer, you should never roll up your sleeves, even if it is a scorching hot day or you are more comfortable that way.

Think about the comfort factor

During your job interview, you should avoid anything that distracts you. Make sure you feel confident in your own skin, as this helps you show the interviewer an authentic version of yourself. Of course, your outfit plays an important role in this. However, there’s a thin line between showing your personality and sticking to the dress code. For this reason, many politicians, entrepreneurs and athletes consult personal stylists to help them create an outfit that emphasizes their personality and character in the best way. Individual style consultations can cost a lot - but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. The consulting service at OUTFITTERY is completely free – now everyone can afford their own personal stylist and give themselves that extra advantage.

Now get on track for a successful first impression!

You have an important meeting and don’t know what to wear? OUTFITTERY can help you! This is how it works: Answer some questions online about your fashion preferences and get to know your stylist. Based on your needs, they will compose several outfits which will be delivered to your home, office or wherever you wish. You decide what you like and only pay for the items you would like to keep – no hidden charges. You can send back any items you did not like.


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Boost your career with the right outfit – let us show you how. „You are what you wear“ – this is true at work too, and is particularly important for...

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